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Transparent media façades

  • Transparent media façade highlights famous bus terminal in New York City

    The Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City is flooded with light and full of graphical presentations thanks to the 560 m² stainless steel MEDIAMESH® screen located on the corner of 42th Street and 8th Avenue. Besides solar protection and air permeability, the system also boasts excellent energy efficiency.

  • MEDIAMESH® at the Mellon Independence Center in Philadelphia

    The first LED stainless steel mesh installation on the roof of the Mellon Independence Center in Philadelphia reaches a wide audience and brings digital life to the city center. The historically static transparency was replaced by a transparent media façade from GKD.

  • Transparent media façade clads scaffolding at the "Piazza del Duomo" in Milan

    The media façade facilitates around-the-clock communication with visitors throughout the comprehensive renovation of Milan’s city hall. During the renovation work to the Arengario Museum at Milan’s Piazza Duomo, the massive scaffolding was clad with a media façade.

  • Transparent media façade in the Long Beach Court Building

    The artist Jennifer Steinkamp uses the 60 m² MEDIAMESH® façade as a screen for her 3D “Murmuration” animations in the Governor George Deukmejian Court Building, Long Beach. In the extravagant lobby, the media façade depicts flying feathers in the most diverse of colors.

  • Transparent media façade and viewing platform – the Indemann

    ILLUMESH® stainless steel mesh encapsulates the Inden community’s landmark. The Indemann is a symbol of structural transformation in the region, pointing with its extended arm toward the Inden surface mine. The Indemann gets its unique radiance from the transparent display made of ILLUMESH®.

  • Transparent media façade in the BMW showroom

    Our LED media façade was installed in the BMW showroom on the former Expo grounds in Shanghai. The special characteristic of this installation is the first ever use of 3-in-1 SMDs in a MEDIAMESH®.

  • Transparent media façade at the American Airlines Arena in Miami

    Our transparent media façade at the American Airlines Arena in Miami provides information on Arena events. Thanks to the transparency of the stainless steel mesh, visitors to the Arena enjoy unrestricted outward views through the window, while daylight is allowed to enter the interior of the arena.


Our media façades can transform buildings into high-class venues for media productions as an interactive LED façade. At the same time, the stainless steel architectural mesh gives the outer shell of the building a classy appearance and creates versatile design highlights – even when it is not in use as an LED façade.

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The LED façade: an architectural highlight
during the day and at night

Transparent media façades with the very latest LED technology can be superbly integrated in the architecture. Bright rows of LEDs in the stainless steel mesh and the corresponding media software deliver high-resolution content or color transitions during the day and at night. What’s more, the LED façade is also attractive when switched off – a visible advantage compared to conventional LED displays.

Media façades from GKD:

Transparent media façades from GKD combine design, function and architectural factors in a uniquely versatile manner. With top-class LED technology, we are marking the beginning of a new generation of transparent media façades with our MEDIAMESH® and ILLUMESH® systems.


Transparent media façade: further advantages

Media façades made of stainless steel mesh impress with a range of advantages. The rooms behind the architectural mesh remain usable without restriction; depending on the incidence of light, the metal mesh reflects its surroundings in attractive facets. In addition, the efficiency of durable stainless steel mesh as solar protection, an air conditioning membrane and fall guard protection are convincing benefits.


Media façades from a single source: from planning to commissioning

When realizing transparent media façades we act precisely in accordance with specific customer requirements, the architectural conditions and the planned media content. Once the system has been manufactured, we are also happy to take care of installation and ...

MEDIAMESH® and ILLUMESH®: media façade systems with LEDs

MEDIAMESH® is designed for day-and-night applications, while ILLUMESH® is used for applications at twilight and during the night. Both media façade systems boast modern LED technology. They differ in terms of the direction of projection and the media pres ...

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