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06. June 2004

Shanghai International Circuit

Functional high-tech aesthetics for a representative debut in the world of Formula One

Nothing is impossible in Shanghai, China’s richest and largest city. This bustling metropolis on the Yangtze river, a boomtown fabled for its capacity for dynamic change and its appetite for superlatives, has long become a symbol for true speed. The new business district Pudong with its three million inhabitants was built within just a decade. In less than two years, the world’s first commercially used Transrapid trainline was constructed and put into operation. At 430 kilometers per hour, this supertrain speeds from the new Shanghai Airport to Pudong and back. The latest example of “Speeding with Shanghai” is its multifunctional motor racing circuit, which marks the transformation of the city into a venue for international motorsport. This technically sophisticated and currently most expensive Formula One racing track in the world has taken just 18 months to build. The circuit, unique both in its architecture and in the motorsport experience it promises, will be inaugurated by Schumacher et al. in China’s first ever Grand Prix on 26th September, 2004.

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