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Industrial mesh


Filtration meshes and filter elements for process water filtration

Process water filtration

Filtration meshes and filters from GKD are used in many different process stages and applications in the field of water filtration.

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Questions about this product? Visit us at the …
IFAT, Munich (Hall A2, Booth 318)
14.05. – 18.05.2018, Need more infos?

The spectrum of filtration ranges from coarse filtration of > 1 mm right through to ultrafine filtration of 5 µm. The filtration mesh is selected on the basis of the respective mechanical requirements or is reinforced as required with the help of our Gekuplate mesh laminates. Besides manufacturing complete filter elements and filter inserts, we also rescreen existing filters with new filtration meshes within the scope of repair orders. Our optimized plain dutch weaves (ODW) form the basis for successful and precise filtration process stages, particularly for fine and ultrafine filtration applications.

Benefits for process water filtration

  • Adapted filter media in the range from 9 µm to 5 mm
  • Individual manufacturing of filter elements for existing or new systems
  • Repairs of existing filters or corresponding spare parts
  • Filter screens for corrosive applications
  • Production of standard elements for OEMs
  • Screens for drum filters and inserts for filter baskets

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